Go Casual All The Way!

Photo Credit: Gidge Urizal/flickr

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Casual dresses are not only comfy, but if you pair them just the right way, they can look as classy as any other outfit. With casual dresses, one gets a laid back look which can be carried easily and with grace. You don’t need fancy and expensive things to look attractive and smart. But there is even beauty is simplicity. According to fashion 2015, a casual look can even make you stand out in a crowd of women wearing heavy makeup and expensive but uncomfortable clothes. You outfit might be called plain, but it certainly does not fit in the category of unnatural. When you decide to go casual, it highly reflects your natural beauty, inner strength, confidence and the way you carry yourself.

Photo Credit: Dionysius Burton/flickr

Photo Credit: Dionysius Burton/flickr

Tips for make-up with casual dress fashion 2015:

Casual makeup is a part of your daily life, but it is important to wear as less makeup as you can during the day. Here is a quick guide of make-up tips with casual dress.

Face: It’s very important to let your skin breathe so try to avoid any heavy foundation for your daily makeup routine. Make use of concealer to hide any imperfections on your skin and always in your bag.

Blush: According to fashion 2015, for adding some freshness to your face, use a blush which suits with your skin. Using a fluffy blush, apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks. With light strokes, work the blush up towards the ear.

Lips: If you want to define your lips, use a lip pencil. Using a lip crush, apply lipstick to make it long lasting. It’s best to avoid using lip gloss during the daytime.

Nails: Mascara adds volume to your eyes, along with thickness and length. You can even make use of a curler before you apply mascara; that adds some extra depth.

Hairstyle ideas with casual dresses fashion 2015:

A hairstyle completes the whole causal look you are trying to achieve. Here are some fashion 2015 hairstyle ideas that go really well with casual dresses.

Photo Credit: Lies Thru a Lens/flickr

Photo Credit: Lies Thru a Lens/flickr

Pumped up ponytail: This hairstyle is perfect to achieve a casual and classy look. Start off by taking a section of your hair, tease it and spray the teased hair. Finally, tie the hair into a high ponytail.

Voluminous up do: Pull you hair in to a ponytail, by using a brush in a downward motion towards the scalp. This will create volume and thickness in your hair. Wrap this ponytail into a bun and use bobby pins to secure it.

Simple is classy: Make a side parting of your hair, take the right section and twist upwards. Repeat the same thing on the other side, and secure both the twists using bobby pins. Make a bun of the rest of your hair and secure it cleanly with bobby pins.

Casual is not boring: From the center of your head, take a section of your hair and divide it into two. Twist both the sections and secure them together using a hair pin or cute bow. Curl your hair from the bottom to complete the look.

Be casual and be comfortable because even then you can look classy and cute.

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