The Ugly Truth About The Better Business Bureau Scandal

Arlington, VA
NIR News has looked over the complaints submitted to the FTC and has found since 07/2002 to 10/2015 there has been 429 complaints about the Better Business Bureau. And 24 of them are from military members.

Most of the complaints deal with deception and misrepresentation. Some of the complaints have been marked as TSR/other. I am not sure what that marking is. It is something the FTC uses.
The Better Business Bureau is supposed to be the champion for the consumer and stop bad companies from doing wrong. The question is if the BBB is doing this, then why do they have some many complaints?

Many complaints are from small business owners who either did not fill out the questionnaire they send out of they did not send it in time.

Other complaints deal with consumers complaining because the BBB sided with the accredited member even thou they had proof of wrongdoing.


A few complaints are from companies who have been asking to become accredited members. Some said when they refused their grade dropped. Others said when they did join their grade went up.

Granted some of these companies was before the 20/20 ABC story revealing that the BBB was selling memberships for grades. Even thou, the president of the BBB at the time, said it was an isolated issue. After reviewing the list of complaints, I would beg to differ.

Other facts show the issues are still happening. I think the BBB needs a complete overhaul of all policies and procedures.
What do you think needs to be done? Comment below and tell NIR News what you think.

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