The Latest Ladies Shoes Fashion Trends

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The right pair of ladies shoes can complete your fashionable outfit, making you appear confident and fashionable at the office or after work. You want to be sure that your shoes not only coordinate with your outfit, but that they are comfortable as well. For those ladies who enjoy collecting shoes, designer brands of shoes offer prestige among your female friends, as you can display them in your closet, and wear a different pair each day. The fall and winter 2014-2015 fashion trends season promises to have many exciting new ladies shoes choices for women to buy.


Here are just a few of the latest ladies shoes fashion trends that have been seen on the fashion runways this autumn season.

Photo Credit: Chance Agrella

Photo Credit: Chance Agrella

Chunky heels promise to be on offer again this season, just like in past years. These are categorized as any boots, sandals or formal shoes that have a wide and tall heel base. You will be seeing plenty of triangle cuts this fall, a unique twist on this old favorite. Dolce and Gabbana offer chunky heels embedded with metal studs, and made with suede materials. One of the newest trends is to be socks with your chunky heels.

Shoes adorned with ankle straps and buckles will give you that extra step up in added luxury, for special events and holiday celebrations. Don’t expect dainty buckles though, buckles will be large and bold, in gold and silver metallic colors. Some interesting shoe designers to watch for include Dior, Miu Miu, and Lanvin.

A notable shoe trend is going to be creative prints. These shoes and boots are going to be eye-catching, as they feature animal prints, geometric shapes, and other patterns. Colorful graphic prints full of random shapes and colors are going to be some of the most exciting shoes to buy this season. It is going to be exciting to see what Saint Lauren, Gucci, and Ralph Lauren, are going to be selling in the shops.

Photo Credit: DreamTime

Photo Credit: DreamTime

Gladiators have withstood the test of time over the years. These are tall boots, and they usually feature long lace-up style front openings, with flat heels. They are often made from rubber, or canvas fabric, and they are great for walking in inclement weather and keeping the feet warm. Color choices and pattern options are nearly endless, so you’ll want to add several pairs to your wardrobe. Versace and Emilio Pucci promise to have some interesting Gladiator style boots on offer this holiday shopping season.

Knee and thigh high boots are another great winter shoe trend, as they keep your legs warm, while enabling you to wear short dresses outdoors. Thigh high suede boots or black patent leather boots continue to remain popular seasonal choices in the winter. Boot heels can range from flat, to stiletto. Fendi, Prada, and Paul Joe all had thigh high boots in their fall fashion shows this year.

Photo Credit: Mioawee

Photo Credit: Mioawee

The fall/winter 2014-2015 season is sure to have ladies shoes to suit every design aesthetic and is sure to please even the most snobby shoe fans. Sandals, boots, sneakers, and dress shoes are all on offer for the cool fashion season, in a wide range of styles, shapes, colors and materials. The new offerings this season will be sure to excite most women, and it promises to be a frenzied holiday shopping season.

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