Easy Pro Blow-Dry at Home

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Wash your hair with a shampoo suitable for your particular hair type, then condition. For a salon-style deep conditioning treatment, after applying conditioner wrap your head in cling film then heat with your hair dryer on the lowest setting for about five minutes. The application of heat helps the hair to become more porous and, therefore, able to absorb more of the beneficial conditioning ingredients. After conditioning rinse as usual and give hair a final blast of cold water to re-seal the hair fibres.

Rupert Taylor-Price/flickr

Rupert Taylor-Price/flickr

Blot the hair dry with a towel, do not rub as this can cause damage and potential breakage. Spray the hair with a heat protection product then rough dry with your hair dryer until approximately 75% dry all over. For extra volume at the roots, dry with your head upside-down at this stage.

It is then time to apply any required styling products, such as mousse, hair oil, volumising spray or curl-friendly products for extra bounce without frizz. Apply the recommended amount of your chosen product and spread evenly through the hair with your hands, paying particular attention to any problem areas.

It is now time to divide the hair into three equal sections – one on each side of the head and one at the back, held in place with clips. Starting with the back section, remove the clip and take a small section of hair in your hand, then re-clip the remaining hair out of the way. Get your hairbrush and set your dryer to a medium heat, then brush through the selected section of hair, following the brush with your dryer to the ends. Repeat this process for the whole back section, then move to either side, separating small sections at a time until the whole head is completed.

If you are happy with the style achieved, you can smooth down any flyaways with a serum or wax, or add a fixing or finishing spray as desired. This is also the point to straighten or add curls; add another spritz of heat protection spray then use tongs to curl or hair straighteners for a sleek, polished look.

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  1. Sue Miller says:

    Sounds so easy and I think I will try it

  2. Tommy Jays says:

    I think I will see how this works on my hair!

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