There has been an instance in everyone’s life when they have heard a news or read the news and they just feel that there is some major chunk missing or it has not been properly evaluated or the most common word in the news industry: it has not been properly investigated.

There are times when some news are not properly investigated and are taken on their face value i.e. what is their surface showcasing and not going into their depths. It is just like one of those cases where the lawyer just takes into account the facade of the case and then, later in the courtroom he finds the deeper meaning which is the deep insight of the case. This may all be sounding gibberish and random which is also because you are just taking these words on the surface. On a more investigative level, they present a point that everything needs to be deeply investigated and analyzed before presenting it to the world.
National Investigative Report is one such organization that goes into the deeper meaning and looks beyond what is presented for everything they report. Their purpose is not just to collect the basic information about an event, person, place etc and form a report on that. Their purpose is to investigate and bring onto the table questions like what is the purpose of such an event. What type of people and how many people were involved, what resources were utilized, how was this idea formed or how was it implemented. All these questions can be summed up into one word: Investigation.

National Investigative Report is a diversified organization because of the stories or reports they are known to produce. They do not just stick to their hometown and do the reports on events happening there but also go beyond it to investigate and record the happenings in the different part of the world which makes them diversified.
They do not just investigate one case in a day and refuse to do others. The new and existing experts in this field investigate and go into the deeper reasons of a particular occasion or person. They then put forth the reasons behind everything.