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Tom Ford once said, “Shoes are always the most important thing for me because they are who you are. They change the way you walk, the way you move”
It should be noted that there are numerous types and styles of shoes, but here our attention will be focused on the most common types.

1. Keep your Shoes Clean Always
– This is an area that many guys ignore. Studies reveal that most men shine their shoes only once every week; some others shine once every month. A few others shine their shoes every morning before they leave for work and then wear it all day without cleaning and proper care. A stylish man ought to always keeps his shoes clean, shined and free of dirt at any time of the day. Invest in shoe shiner if you must

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2. By all means, avoid warped and worn out shoes – A stylish man should have at least two pairs of dress shoes in the same color so they can be used interchangeably to avoid wearing out. By so doing, unwanted warping is avoided. You should also adopt the habit of placing shoe trees in your shoes when they are not in use, to maintain their best form.


3. Matching the right socks with your shoe – With leather shoes, dark colored cotton or silk socks are most preferable and conventional. By all means, avoid white socks; its only usage should be when you’re going for a run or playing sports. Your leather shoes should be rocked with navy or black casual socks or most preferably men’s dress socks, they come in different forms, like colorful, polka dot, funky and fun types.


4. Avoid square-toe shoes! – In the 90s, square-toed shoes were very popular but fashion has now departed far away from this non-stylish look. So, if they are still locked away in your shoe closet, do get rid of them and purchase some slimmer more attractive shoes.


5. Matching your shoe color with your belt color – The importance of this cannot be over emphasized. It’s only exception is when you are wearing a casual outfit, otherwise, while wearing dress shoes, ensure that the color of your dress shoe matches the color of your belts (for all professional occasions. Therefore, if your shoes are shiny, your belt should be shiny as well.


There you have it, invest in good shoes; Good Shoes can really take you to great places!

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