Top Six Mends Soldiers Need Now

Photo Credit: US Army

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Many people suggested Command Sgt. Maj. Daniel Dailey to put some important points in his priority list. The top six SMA suggestions are described below.

Photo Credit: US Army

Photo Credit: US Army

Changing the Army’s tattoo regulation is among the top suggestions in Dailey’s priority list. People want him to rescind the tougher tattoo rules. According to new rules, soldiers cannot have more than four tattoos under the knee and elbow. The tattoos should be small than the wearer’s hand size and band tattoos cannot be more than 2-inch wide.Secondly, Dailey must kick out overweight soldiers as there are so many plump E-8s and E-7s nowadays. Instead of new tattoo regulation, he should focus more on making soldiers accountable for their performance and motivate their abilities to do job efficiently.

Moreover, some people complained that the Army training is facing decline in toughness and quality. The soldiers lack discipline. Command Sgt. needs to raise the standards for basic Army training and help soldiers getting back to their core competencies.The Army plans to drawdown many officers in the future reaching an end-strength of 450,000 or as low as possible. Dailey should stop the drawdown of officers and NCOs who paly important role in Qualitative Service Program and Qualitative Management Program.

Photo Credit: Army National Guard

Photo Credit: Army National Guard

The soldiers condemn an overabundance of political correctness in Army. People suggested giving NCOs back authority in order to enforce the regulations. Appeasing soldiers instead of conforming them to the Army may cause an issue. Therefore, allow them to do whatever they need to do. Many soldiers want Dailey to kick out toxic leaders from different ranks of the Army. Other suggestions involve revising enlisted promotions and giving incentives to efficient soldiers for making Army a career. The leaders should not force the soldiers to do work that they are not willing to do. It is not hazing but giving sense of discipline and urgency to the soldiers.

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