Report- Increased Supply of IPad

The high manufacturing rate of new iPad tablet models has grabbed everyone’s attention. The suppliers have already started manufacturing the models. This iPads has screen measuring 9.7 inches. The device with this feature is expected at the end of this quarter or at the start of the next one.

The new iPad mini with the screen size of 7.9 inches has started the production and will be soon available in the market for the users by the end of this year i.e.2104.

Photo Credit: Yutaka Tsutano/flickr

Photo Credit: Yutaka Tsutano/flickr

The new iPad device which is a part of apple’s production plan shows a low success rate towards the end of the year which is said to be the shopping season.

Other than this apple is also planning to launch iPhone6, with bigger screen size and iWatch, which is a smart watch related to health. The iPhones are said to be available in market by sept.6. The devices will be available in two sizes that is 4.7 inches screen and 5.5 inches screen. The increase in screen size in apple phones is basically due to people’s preference for bigger screen size.

The apple company is hoping that the decreased sale of tablet can be revived by new iPad which was lowered in past two quarters. The sales of tablet have tremendously dropped down to 13.33 million units which are considered to be the second biggest product line. It has decreased by 8%in comparison with last year.

Photo Credit: Tim RT/flickr

Photo Credit: Tim RT/flickr

It has been revealed that, the market penetration rate for tablet computers is only 20 percent within enterprises in comparison with rate of commercial tablets that is 76 percent. The CEO of the company is still positive about the sales saying that the sales of the product will rise up because off its recent partnership with IBM. The company is significantly waiting for high iPhone and iPad business which will increase its market value.

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