Resignation of Sheriff’s Deputy After Video Goes Viral

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A video featuring sergeant of Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department went viral over the internet. He resigned from his job on Monday after video went viral over the weekend. He held a press conference and put forward his resignation. He is now facing many charges on one count of official misconduct and other of harassment following an investigation in connection to the confrontation.

In the video that has been shared many times on the internet, Sheriff’s Deputy is cursing the suspect while demanding to handover him the car keys. He seems hitting a man in video, taking his car keys forcibly, and then illegally searching his vehicle in the Town of Halfmoon.

The investigators contacted the authorities over the weekend concerning the video uploaded online.It went viral after someone uploaded it on the Facebook page of Halfmoon. It showed an unsuitable interaction between a civilian and a member of Sheriff’s department. The Sheriff’s office explained the media over the weekend that it had investigated properly by identifying and interviewing the different parties involved in the case. These investigations resulted in Deputy Shawn Glans’s suspension without any pay effective immediately. It put further outcomes on pending that also includes disciplinary action.

The Sheriff’s office issued a statement that it does not take the problems like this as much seriously and it require its members to behave and act professional. It pays gratitude to the community members who put some light on the issue and fully cooperated with the investigations. It was not the first time that he was disciplined. He was speeding in 1996 to a 911 call and then came around the corner where he lost all his control on his vehicle and slammed it to another car. The car’s driver was paralyzed and the county had to pay six million dollars in order to settle the case against the Deputy Shawn Glans.

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