College Students Threatened When Protesting Hilary Clinton


Florida International University [FIU] / Miami, Florida

Protesters, mainly college students, were threatened with arrest when they protested an invite only meet at Florida’s International University’s campus. Footage has shown that police officers told the protesters they needed to move away from the area where Hilary Clinton would be speaking. Several of the protesters were corralled into a free assembly area that was set up across the street from the University.

The protesters did try to argue with the police, saying Clinton would not be able to see them if they were across the street. These protesters organized this to be a peaceful protest but feel that they were discriminated against because they did not share the same views as future hopeful president Hilary Clinton. This protest was due to the fact that these individuals felt it was insulting for Clinton to be speaking directly across from a memorial that commemorates people that fell to the Castro regime.

In a statement that Clinton made on Friday, she said, “I understand the skepticism in this community about any policy of engagement toward Cuba. But you’ve been promised progress for 50 years, and we can’t wait any longer for a failed policy to bear fruit. We have to seize this moment.”

3 Replies to “College Students Threatened When Protesting Hilary Clinton”

  1. Tommy Jays says:

    This clearly is not following free speech.

  2. Jeff Jeffers says:

    This is something they always do to keep people away from the supports. Its not right but it is what they have done for years.

  3. Trey Milla says:

    This differently is not right. Let the students speak what they want as long as they don’t cause trouble.

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