Is The New Technology of VMware Workstation Right For You?

VMware Workstation Technology & Marvels for Users:

The VMware Workstation is the new technology, and now it’s about to work with new Operating system i.e. Windows 8 and 8.1. The more reliable, accurate, precise and contains more virtual hardware functionality and new features.

The VMware Workstation team is working on the future project of VMware. In connection, now this technology supports more CPUs, and its extended functionality also supports CPUs of the next generation. It offers the devices of better compatibility and performance like USB 3.0 to work it and work faster than old ones. Furthermore, it allows users to adjust the maximum graphics memory on per virtual machine basis moreover; there is a technology like Boot virtual machine with EFI allows user to create and boot the guest OS with EFI means with BIOS and EFI both are supported. Custom-wizard allows users to create new VM and can select EFI instead of BIOS.

New technology with new features in VMware Workstation:

In the future, no old operating systems are supported like win Xp, Vista, and it no longer supports the 32-Bit Operating system. Additionally, VMware can be upgraded and downgraded with new and older versions as per hardware compatibility and its tools also can be uninstalled from each virtual VMware workstation machine with technology usage.

VMware provides best gaming experience to the game lovers. Best graphics performance and best-playing experience ever, therefore, more advance and latest games would be supported even provision of full Hd gaming experience. Moreover, it enhances the performance of the hardware, and you can mostly play the games you can not play on the older Operating windows such as Win Xp, Vista, etc. Eventually, the future VMware is a tremendous way to solve the old problems occurred in old operating systems. It also enhances the networking with its new-upcoming features in the future. Now step into the next generation using VMware Workstations and to get rid off old problems.



Most of the hardware of modern day are such that they can run on a single operating system. But various systems which are physically built on other operating systems sometimes remain idle or often unutilized or underutilized. This necessitates the effective utilization of the apparently redundant other operating systems in an ideal scenario to garner the economies of scale. That too should be achieved by putting into use only one hardware which itself utilizes only one operating system which is also referred to as OS. This is precisely achieved by using VMware Workstation machine.

The effective explanation of VMWARE:

In effect, the concept what is known as VMWARE Virtualization – can permit a number of virtual machines to run on a single hardware using only on OS. The virtual machines, however, may be based on different OS but physically they require the hardware of a single machine. Each of these virtual VMware workstation machines can efficiently share the resources physically of the single main operating machine and that too across different environments. Thus the horizon of usage expands from a single physical hardware of a single machine to other different servers – all equipped with their own distinct memory and processors.

The Mechanism:

A small OS which is efficient in its own right is loaded on to the host hardware. This OS which has been loaded is known as the hypervisor. As an aftermath to this, almost all other device drivers of repute are accessible by means of VMware. The cost of loading this hypervisor is almost only 1 per cent of the total cost of the hosting hardware and is thus extremely cost effective considering the expansion achieved in the workability now achieved. The operating systems to be served are then established as the virtual machines. It is of great importance to note at this juncture that the virtual machines now work on the layer of VMware workstation rather than working on the hardware of the hosting machine. Hence the replacement of hardware is also very simple.

In this case only configuring the VMware is required for the new hardware and the other OS need not be disturbed. They almost immediately start to operate after the replacement. This makes the entire process very user friendly. Hence it suffices to mention in this context that VMware is a wonderful technology and its marvels are immense. Now, the latest enhancement to install the VMware Workstation virtual machine is also getting the attention of its users.

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    this is so sweet !

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    Interesting software!!

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