A Viral Video Forced Sheriff’s Deputy To Resign

Photo Credit: Facebook

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A video went viral over the internet that shows inappropriate actions taken by Deputy Shawn Glans of Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office. The viral video forced Glans to resign from his post on Monday. He was criminally charged with harassment and official misconduct as depicted in the video. In a video, one can easily hear him cursing the man while trying to take his car keys by force. He appeared hitting the man over his head upon not getting his permission to search his vehicle. The man has his residence in Saratoga Springs.

In a press conference held on Monday by the Sheriff’s Office, it was announced that Shawn Glans handed over his resignation to the company and faced many criminal charges following a quick investigation carried out by his own department. Someone recorded the video and presented it to the Sheriff’s Office, which caused them to take immediate actions against Glans. The investigators including some senior administration conduct several interviews with particular parties involved in the matter. The Sheriff’s Office concluded to suspend Glans for his crimes. The incident put negative influence on his family and children. According to his wife, their daughter received some serious threats from those people who watched the video. Apart from this, it affected the Glans own career.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Photo Credit: Facebook

While talking to local media, Glans said that the gun in man’s vehicle caused him to take such actions and he would do it the same way again, however not if he has awareness of videotaping. It was not the first time that disciplinary actions were taken against former sergeant Shawn Glans. In 1996, he was speeding to a 911 call. He came around the corner where he lost all his control on his vehicle and slammed it to another car. The car’s driver was paralyzed along with other injuries. The county had to pay six million dollars in order to settle the case against the Deputy Shawn Glans.

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3 Replies to “A Viral Video Forced Sheriff’s Deputy To Resign”

  1. John says:

    I think I read a couple of stories like this at least once per month. And the end of the day, the cop that quits or gets fired, has had other problems addressed as well. Sad.

  2. veronica dunkley says:

    The other officer with him, , , , just as guilty”Yep. this is why there are no good cops. Even the ones that wouldn’t do this will remain quit when there comrades do it. To his wife.Your husband is sworn to uphold the law and the US constitution he blatantly and deliberately violated that when he took those keys and told the other officer to search his car, which he did, without consent, probable cause or a warrant . THIS IS ILLEGAL! DUH!
    I will also bet this isn’t the first time like you seem to think. But don’t worry honey he resigned so he could get hired in the county right next door, you won’t even have to move….until he gets caught again.


    So Sad 😛

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