Vegas- City of Dreams

Photo Credit: Freerange

Photo Credit: Freerange

Photo Credit: Freerange

Las Vegas or simply the city of Vegas is well known for its majestic spark and charm. Vegas is like a magnet once people go there, they don’t feel like coming. When it comes to visit USA, I don’t think anyone can forget to explore the city of Vegas. People visit Vegas to enjoy, to have fun, to feel the independence and to experience the immense pleasure which they have lost somewhere in the rush of their daily life. Vegas is like a hub of tourists. It is often regarded as The Entertainment Capital of the World.

Beauty of Vegas

As you would step down the state of Nevada and would walk around the Vegas strip, you would find yourself in dreamy world. The town is surrounded by small hills which not only increases its beauty but also make its weather pleasant for a holiday. The best season to visit Vegas is winter. The sky touching buildings, taxis and cars racing among them, dazzling lights making eyes twinkle is what, Vegas is all about.

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Night Life in Vegas

How can someone forget to talk about night life, when the discussion is about Vegas? The night life of this city is too far from ones imagination. Whether it’s six in morning of twelve midnight, it just doesn’t matter there; you can find anything and everything twenty four/ seven in this city. It is said that “Vegas never sleeps”. May be that is the reason why people remember Vegas, when it comes to celebrating someone’s bachelor’s party. Vegas is one of the most popular destination among youngsters and teenagers.

Casinos & Hotels

Photo Credit: Freerange

Photo Credit: Freerange

Casinos are the major attraction of this city. When one has a first look at these casinos they would not believe on their eyes. These casinos are full of slot machines, gambling tables, drinks, snacks etc. On all above, the sight of people winning and losing games would make you go out of your senses. Lights, Music, Dance, Games, Hard-Drinks, and Fine Dinning etc. are the daily dose of life in this city. Each hotel of Vegas is like a full-fledged town in its own. From a small pin to a large glass of beer, anything & everything could be found in them. Be it theater, Disc, Sports Club, Pool, Gymnasium etc, there’s not even a single thing you would miss after stepping into them. The list of things to do in Vegas is never ending. But some of the must to do things are – To Visit Mirage, it’s a hotel cum casino based on Polynesian-theme and is an ultimate place, Visit Stratosphere, a tower hotel and casino; one can see the whole Vegas from its top. Next place which actually deserve your look is The Fremont Street, a pedestrian mall. Also, not to forget the thrilling rides of Adventure Dome while visiting Vegas.

Vegas is a city of dreams. Hence, if you want to live your dreams in a short duration without spending much money then Vegas is the perfect place for you.

5 Replies to “Vegas- City of Dreams”

  1. Ooooh I’ve always wanted to go to Vegas. I think it would be kind of crazy awesome for me and my fiance to have our wedding there. But I don’t want an Elvis xD I always think of the shows. I’d love to see Criss Angel at the Luxor. His stuff is crazy. I’m terrible at all card games and I know slot machines are a ripoff, but I think having a bit of gambling money to waste could be kind of fun. I hear there are a lot of good restaurants, too

  2. John says:

    I agree and would also like to get to Vegas some day. So much to see and so many things to do, how can you not have fun?

  3. Valerie Hill says:

    This is one of the cities on the world. so i like this very much..

  4. Jody Westenberg says:

    I agree ,,. I think it would be kind of crazy awesome for me and my fiance to have our wedding there. I’ve always wanted to go to Vegas.

  5. Nenad says:

    Perfect place to visit. I can’t wait to go to Vegas again.

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