Starbucks Says No To Engagement Rings

Photo Credit: AA Jhr/flickr

Photo Credit: Faye Howtedious/flickr

Photo Credit: Faye Howtedious/flickr

The eccentric rules are not unheard of especially when it comes to the dress code at different organizations. This time eyes are being raised and fingers being pointed at our own Starbucks. Starbucks, loved for its latte, has recently been under the blaze for quite an unusual reason. Well it is not a new latte combo that is raging fire; on the contrary Starbucks is being heavily criticized for its newly announced dress code which calls for no engagement rings.

The new dress code policy was released earlier this month and since its announcement the social media has been abuzz with a strong feedback. Though the company has maintained that the new dress code that does not allow the employees to wear jewelry, especially the ones adorned with stones, is in accordance with the new Food and Drug Administration rules the backlash has been quite enormous. The new twitter hashtag #BoycottStarbucks has been making rounds.

Public has taken to social media to complain against the new dress code. The negative feedback is fueled by the concessions (and acceptance) of tattoos and small piercings such as nose studs. The families of the Starbuck employees have voiced their concerns and condemned the new dress code strongly.

Photo Credit: Josh Rodriguez/bigstock

Photo Credit: Josh Rodriguez/bigstock

There are a few who think that if the scientific evidence is in favor of ban then it should be maintained. On the other hand a handful of Starbucks employees have signed a petition so as to persuade the company to revoke its decision.

The ban on jewelry includes bracelets, watches and wrist bands. Simple and plain necklaces however are allowed and can be worn under your shirt etc. Specifically any stone jewelry is prohibited and therefore the employees are allowed to wear plain and simple wedding bands. Starbucks spokesperson has stated that the new dress code has been introduced so as to ensure that the quality is not compromised and it conforms to national and international standards.

4 Replies to “Starbucks Says No To Engagement Rings”

  1. John says:

    I can completely understand where the company is coming from. I also can see where the strong feedback from social media is coming from. I, for one, would not want to drink an entire cup of coffee only to have a loose stone or even a small ring in my mouth afterwards.

  2. James hall says:

    Starbucks should be ashamed about this policy!

  3. SARAH LEE says:

    very nice company…one of the most famous company in this earth

  4. Jody Westenberg says:

    this is one of the most famous company in this earth.. and my favorite too

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