American, Australian, And European Group Calls For Shut Down Of Ripoff Report

A worldwide gathering of learned people, lawyers, and activists drove by Australian Dr. Janice Duffy, American Jerome Almon, and a few subjects of the European Union are calling for Congress, government powers, and web crawler titans Google, Yahoo, and Bing to close down the website because of claims contained in a criminal arraignment against one of the webpage’s essayists in the condition of Iowa. Extra affirmations including the staggering impact the site have had on the military and veterans that are posted on RipoffReport.


As indicated by the Australian daily paper The Sydney Morning Herald, Dr. Janice Duffy has documented a common dispute against the Ripoff Report, Google, Yahoo7 (Australia), and Bing. The gathering has reached the U.S. Branch of Justice, both the House and Senate Veteran’s Affairs Committees, and approached internet searcher boss and organizers Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Marissa Mayer, and Bill Gates to inspect the issue and to address it openly.

The gathering likewise takes note of that the new Net Neutrality leads as of late went by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) don’t address the significant issues contained in the Iowa arraignment extending from data fraud, hacking, to digital blackmail. The association further notes that the main 3 vengeance porn proprietors, who utilized Ripoff Report as their plan of action, were all as of late indicted various wrongdoings as indicated by Fox News, ABC news, CNN, and CBS news (

Mr. Almon and Ms. Duffy caution that the disappointment of lawmakers, internet searcher CEOs, and controllers to act has prompted the tremendous hacking embarrassments that have shaken Home Depot, Anthem, Target, JP Morgan, and the late billion dollar bank hacking episode found by Russian digital security firm Kaspersky Labs as per CNBC. The association cautions of a Bernie Madoff-like miss by powers. As indicated by a late CNN review, trust in web security has dropped to an untouched low because of such significant hacking episodes. The gathering notes that a large portion of the bank and corporate programs started as spammers and retribution porn site proprietors. As per various media reports going back to the 1980s, Bill Gates conjecture the peril that spammers spoke to the internet and security.

8 Replies to “American, Australian, And European Group Calls For Shut Down Of Ripoff Report”

  1. Dana Mills says:

    I see all the stories about and owner ed. I think the site needs to be overhauled so that bogus and fake stuff about people can be removed without cost.

  2. Timmy Jakes says:

    The guy who owns ripoffreport is a ex-con and should not be trusted.

  3. Aron Haney says:

    You really have some good points here.

  4. Nina says:

    keep it coming

  5. Tammy Faye says:

    I have goggled and there is a lot of bad stuff written about them. Why has not the AG of AZ look into this company?

  6. Tommy Jays says:

    I thought the point of ror was to help people not try and con people, am I right?

  7. Trey Milla says:

    What happened to working for the good of consumers?

  8. Shaun says:

    You can anonymously fabricate horrible things about companies or people and google ranks the sites comments directly below your company name .shame that this can happen in this day and age.
    They have the perfect cover posing as consumer advocates.

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