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Photo Credit: Facebook

The U.S. District Court filed charges on reality television stars Teresa and Joe Giudice for bankruptcy, bank, and mortgage fraud charges totaling more than $4 million.
On October 2, 2014, U.S. District Court Judge sentenced Teresa to 15 months for multiple fraud charges that she pleaded guilty to earlier this year. 
She has to surrender to authorities on January 5, 2015. Just before receiving her sentence, Teresa told the Judge that she takes responsibility for her actions and didn’t care about the Bravo TV series. She also said she was “more sorry than anyone will ever know.” Her words may have had some effect as the prosecutors were seeking 21 months.
Joe was sentenced to three years and after the sentencing, Joe told the court that he was “humiliated” by his actions and also took “full responsibility” for the consequences. Since Teresa has the less time to serve, she will go to prison first and Joe will take care of the kids while she is in prison. Joe will go to prison once Teresa is released from prison. Joe could also face possible deportation back to Italy after Joe serves his time.
“Prison is the appropriate penalty for these serious financial crimes,” said U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman after the sentencing.
Bravo TV has given no word on how today’s sentencing will effect the outcome of the show for the remainder of season six.

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  1. I am sorry for these reality stars. They clearly made some bad decisions but I don’t think prison is the appropriate place for them or the many hundreds of thousands of people who go to prison. The US has the largest prison population of anywhere in the world. We need to have more programs in place like community service. Wouldn’t our society(and these reality folks) have learned more and given back more with say, 5 years of weekly community service?

    • I agree they shouldn’t have to go to prison per say, but house arrest and community service or speaking engagements to others that are victims of the crimes seems a little better fit.

  2. I always find it funny how sorry people are after getting caught. What about while all the money was rolling it? Could you have just been happy with $1 million and maybe not getting caught or did you HAVE to just keep going? Sad, really.

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