North Korea Vehemently Denies Involvement In Sony Hack: Threatens Attack Against America

While Obama administration has indicated that they are contemplating on adding North Korea back in the list of Terrorist Sponsor States are in the process, Pyongyong has issued a statement whereby the involvement of North Korea behind Sony hacks has been denied vehemently.


The Sony Pictures was set to release its Comedy production The Interview on Christmas Day, December 25th. Rogen and Goldberg directed comedy’s plot revolved around a fictitious assassination plan against Kim Jong Un, the most influential figure and leader of North Korea. However, after the reported rumors stated that the film features graphic explosion of the leader’s head the hackers retaliated with threats of attacks on film screening. The warnings caused the theaters to pull the movie, thereby resulting into cancellation of the film release by Sony Pictures.

The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) had concluded in its reports that “the North Korean Government is responsible for these actions.” The statement released by the National Defense Commission, which is the major organization of North Korea for policy shaping, has upheld the Pyongyong’s history of making severe and menacing threats against America as well as other nations. In accordance with the traditional threats the statement warned the American government against threats on the White House, the pentagon and the whole US mainland. The statement which was published in the Korean Central News Agency, the official news agency of the North Korea, went on to state that the army and people of Korea are fully prepared to face US confrontation at all fronts including cyber warfare. Though the North Korean government denied any association to the hackers but the praise was lavished on them for their righteous stand. The North Korean government has blamed US for making this film for destabilizing Kim’s government and claimed it had evidence to prove so however no such evidence has yet been put forward.

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  1. Joe Mallard says:

    I bet NK had everything to do with this!!

  2. Yvetrte Enis says:

    North Korea was NOT behind the Sony hack according to multiple security experts who discredit FBI findings and reveal that a studio insider named ‘Lena’ may be responsible The FBI last week announced that they had discovered conclusive evidence proving the North Korean government was behind the Sony hack President Obama then attacked the country for their behavior during a news conference, and informed them that the United States would retaliate Now, the findings of the FBI are being called into question by many of the cybersecurity industry’s leading experts What’s more, after an independent investigation, Norse has determined that they believe a woman named ‘Lena’ is responsible for the hack Almost every expert stated that they believe the hack had to have been an inside job By CHRIS SPARGO FOR MAILONLINE PUBLISHED: 14:59 EST, 25 December 2014 | UPDATED: 08:05 EST, 26 December 2014

  3. ANNA SCOTT says:

    rally good

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