Are All Traffic Stops Bad?

Chief Steven Bukala/Lowell Police Dept.

Chief Steven Bukala/Lowell Police Dept.

Officer Scot VanSolkema/Lowell Police Dept.

Officer Scot VanSolkema/Lowell Police Dept.

In the streets of Lowell, MI motorists are being pulled over for what they believe to be committing a
traffic violation, until the police reveal an unsuspected surprise.

Rob Bliss an internet producer and town local, teamed up with UP TV to create an uplifting video
showing the Lowell police giving back more to their community than just protecting and serving. Rob
Bliss thought it would be a great way to spread a positive message using the police in a “Santa’s
Helpers” role.

Chief Steve Bukala of the Lowell Police Department and Officer VanSolkema coordinated the traffic stops for each motorist. Chief Bukala came up with the idea of stopping a motorist for equipment violations which are something officers wouldn’t normally make stops for. From illegal tints to minor traffic violations each motorist was under the impression they were to be given a ticket. Out of 40 to 50 motorists, 30 of them were able to be gifted.

To make sure each stop ran safely and smoothly, Chief Bukala volunteered to be the traffic spotter down the road. He would then radio in to Officer VanSolkema to stop a car he believed to meet the minor violation. As the motorist would reach for their license and registration, officer VanSolkema would then engage in a small conversation about what their children would want for christmas. Once the motorist explained what gifts their children wanted, the information over the radio was dispatched to UP TV and Lowell Police Departments helpers to quickly grab the gifts from the local toy stores shelves. As the motorist and Officer VanSolkema get deeper in conversation, the helpers quickly arrive unseen to the back of VanSolkema’s police car with the motorists desired gifts. Each motorist was in deep astonishment once they found out what the traffic stop was really about. As the officer handed the gifts over, each motorist couldn’t stop giving praise to Vansolkema for his generosity.

In a time where tensions with police are high and many are perceived to be bad or above the law, it’s important to understand that not every cop out there is bad and has the intention to harm you. This short video was created to show that even police can have a good time spreading love and the holiday spirit.

I would like to thank UP TV, and Rob Bliss for helping Chief Bukala and Officer VanSolkema of the Lowell police Department create such a moving video showing the police officers for the classy gentlemen and heroes they really are.

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5 Replies to “Are All Traffic Stops Bad?”

  1. Roben Burt says:

    That’s really nice what we general people have seen and known.After seeing this,I think many people will realise that COPS ALSO GOT THE SOFT HEART

  2. Joseph says:

    This is awesome. This post just inspired me and gave me an unusual insight just now. I can apply this strategy at my place of work too. Wow, nice one.


    WOW ! this is Awesome

  4. tammy zubrinitz says:

    this is really great ,, simply awesome … its inspired me a lots

  5. Tammy Faye says:

    What a great thing to do during x-mas.

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