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When we try to find answers about the history of Halloween, we need to trace back to the period of time prior to the birth of Christ. The history of Halloween originated in England among the Celtics New year festival.

Today, this event is an annual holiday celebrated on the 31st of October. The origin of Halloween however, has gone through a mixture of different practices and traditions. It is now a blend of Celtic practices, traditions of Europe and Roman Catholic religious activities.

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Halloween is a day of celebration which has a superstitious side to it. Initially, it was a day believed to be a day when spirits visit the earth and communicate with the living. It was a day influenced by the Celtic day of Samhain, which translates to mean the end of summer. The Catholics observe the 1st of November as All saints day or Hallowmas and All Hallows or Halloween is celebrated on the eve of Hallowmas.

It is believed that the practice of the Christians celebrating the All Souls Day or All Saints Day on the evening before that day stems from the Jewish tradition of celebrating every holiday from the setting of the sun the previous day until the setting of the sun on the next day.

Now the Halloween of today is not the same as it was over 2000 years ago. Despite all the beliefs and traditions which influence the Halloween day, what we now celebrate is a holiday which is full of fun for children as they get involved activities such as telling Halloween stories which are scary, wearing Halloween costumes and enjoying Halloween recipeshalloween.

Halloween is a time of the year that is full of fun and freakish. It is a time when there is only a thin line between the world of the living and the world of the dead and you are sure to feel the scare with goblins, ghosts, werewolves, and witches prowling around ̶ both in their costumes and in their selves. Halloween is an event when to allow the naughty side of you to come alive while you play pranks, scare the living hell out of your folks and spruce up in freaky costumes.
The Celtic Druids or priests also made bonfires and offered sacrifices on this day. This reason for this was to scare away the spirits of the dead and avoid being possessed by them. Also to keep these spirits away, they dressed up as monsters and ghosts and put off all the lights in their houses


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