College Students Threatened When Protesting Hilary Clinton

Florida International University [FIU] / Miami, Florida Protesters, mainly college students, were threatened with arrest when they protested an invite only meet at Florida’s International University’s campus. Footage has shown that police officers told the protesters they needed to move away from the area where Hilary Clinton would be speaking. […]

Is a $285K Settlement Enough?

ARE THE SOUTH CAROLINA STATE TROOPERS OUT OF CONTROL? (Story from Oct. 7, 2014) Is a $285K Settlement Enough After Being Shot for No Reason? While this might not seem enough for some, South Carolina’s state Insurance Reserve Fund is paying Levar Jones $285,000 as a settlement for being shot […]

Obama Budget Sees Rising Student Loan Defaults

State by State Data Sheet The president’s fiscal year 2016 budget out this week is projecting fantastic economic growth over the next decade, but one piece of the puzzle refuses to fit — student loan defaults. The Department of Education‘s budget documents project that 25.3 percent of undergraduate Stafford loans […]