The origin of Christmas can be traced to the pagan holidays. It was in the year 354 AD that Christians in the West began the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ on the 25th of December; before that time, it was celebrated on the 6th of January. At the […]


One of the oldest festivals celebrated throughout the history of man is Thanksgiving. There were instances of ancient tribes preparing feasts and making offerings to their gods and seek favor from them. In times of old, the Jews, the Romans and the Greeks also had similar celebrations to the gods […]


When we try to find answers about the history of Halloween, we need to trace back to the period of time prior to the birth of Christ. The history of Halloween originated in England among the Celtics New year festival. Today, this event is an annual holiday celebrated on the […]

Traditional Churches Face New Reality On Gay Marriage

At First Baptist Dallas, exactly where the pulpit was embellished Sunday with red, white and also blue bunting to recognition the 4th of July, the pastor referred to the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision an affront in the face of Almighty God. The iconic rainbow shades that bathed the White […]

The Importance Of Communication In Our Daily Lives

Verbal communication is the main type of communication that everyone can identify with. The two different ways that we use verbal communication are through the words we speak or the words that we write. The words that you choose will send a message and have a significant impact on any […]

Are All Traffic Stops Bad?

In the streets of Lowell, MI motorists are being pulled over for what they believe to be committing a traffic violation, until the police reveal an unsuspected surprise. Rob Bliss an internet producer and town local, teamed up with UP TV to create an uplifting video showing the Lowell police […]