Detox Smoothie Improves Your Digest System


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Have you tried detox smoothie? It’s actually great and healthy drink that gives you many benefits. And, based on its name, you must know what it is used for, don’t you? Yes, it’s correct. The smoothie was made for one and only purpose. It is useful for a detoxification process. The detoxification itself is necessary, and we can say, recommended these days.

As we all know, the lifestyle and food that most of people consume these days can be said far from food that you should eat. Certain foods, such as junk food, high cholesterol and calorie food, carbohydrate-only dishes, are harmful to your body.

Those unhealthy foods cause many health problems related to digest system these days. For example, most of people have obesity or weight problem, constipation and much more. The detox smoothie is here for dealing with all those problems. And, you must know, that 70% of health issue came from your digest system. Why?
Why Digest System Important?
When you eat lots of those bad foods mentioned above, your digest system won’t be able to digest all of them. In the end, there are many leftovers of these foods that can’t be digested as well as excreted. It will pile up in your colon and digest system, which can change it into a toxic substance. Eventually, your digest system will absorb this toxic.

Now, can you imagine what will happen when there is toxic run in your vein and being spread into entire body and organ? Yes, the risk for many health problems, from just simple stomachache to stroke and heart failure can pay a little visit.

Actually, your body has self-detoxification ability. But, if you keep eating bad food, it won’t be able to keep up with lots of toxic you unconsciously putting into your body. Then, your body will surrender, and those scary health problems occur. With detox smoothie, you can at least ease your body task to deal with these toxic. The smoothie consists of many healthy ingredient and nutrition that your body needs.

So, it’s not only helping your body to remove all the toxic. But, it also helps your body to get healthier, which affect on your condition in the future. Of course, if you want to get the maximum benefits of detox smoothie, you also need to change your lifestyle into healthier one. Avoid all of those bad foods or if you can’t do that, just don’t eat it too much, for example, once every two weeks or a month. Combine them with exercise and enough sleep, and then you will get happier life ever.

How to Get or Make It?

That is the most important question. You can get detox smoothie product easily. There are many stores sell the product if you don’t want to spend too much time to make it by yourself. But, if you need to save more money or just want to have fun making healthy stuff, you also can use few smoothie recipes below to make your homemade detox smoothie.
Coconut Smoothie
Maybe it’s a little bit difficult to find coconut. But, if you find one, you must get it as it has lots of great thing for detoxification. In coconut water, you can find the great source of electrolytes. Plus, it also has a high content of potassium. Both of these substances will help your body to keep hydrated. Now, for the ingredient that you need are:
Mango, about 1 cup
1 cup coconut water, you can get it from the coconut fruit or buy the coconut water product. If you buy coconut water product, choose

the unsweetened type.
Cayenne powder.
One tablespoon of lime juice.
Put those entire ingredients into blender or food processor. Mix them all, and your coconut smoothie is ready to taste.
Citrus Smoothie
Citrus detox smoothie is one of best combination that can help the detoxification process. This fruit has high Vitamin C inside, which is essential for your body immune system. More than that, this fruit also has high fiber, which is vital for your digest system cleansing process as well as keeping its condition and making it better. Therefore, we can say this is one of the best smoothie’s detox you can use.
1 Navel Orange
Blueberries and raspberries. Add ½ cup for each of them, however, if you like, you also can add more.
The process to make this detox smoothie is similar to first detox recipes. You just need to mix them all in blender or food processor and serve it while it is fresh. And, for berries, the Blueberries and Raspberries is also known as an excellent antioxidant.

Antioxidant here is important to protect your body from free radical. And, do you know the other name of free radical? It’s cancer agent. Yes, by protected from them, the risk of getting cancer because of free radical that come from pollution can be minimized.
The Green Smoothies
You must understand that if we involving some of the greens, it will end up with good result. The same effect can be found in this detox smoothie recipe, and you will use cucumber as the main ingredient. Why cucumber? It has lots of great stuff. Cucumber can help your body rehydrated because it has lots of water in it. It also can assist the excretion process in your kidneys, which will support your body detoxification process significantly. And as a bonus, cucumber also gives you healthy skin. Now, how to make smoothie green with cucumber?
Cucumber, you just need the ¼ part, but, you can add the whole if you want. And, do not forget to peel it.
1 cup of honeydew melon.
½ cup pear juice
One tablespoon of fresh lime juice. Lime is great fruit with Vitamin C.
Mint leaves. You can add about ¼ cup for extra freshness and taste.
Blend them all! Serve while it is fresh and enjoy one of most delicious detox smoothie recipes you can find. You can enjoy these recipes with your entire family or friend. So, you and person that you loved most will have better body condition.
There are many other recipe smoothies you can found out there. But, we think those three above are one of best detox smoothie recipes that aren’t only easy to make, but also very healthy and good way for the detoxification process. The most important thing that you also need to remember here is choosing the right ingredient. It has to be the fresh ingredients.

Do not use processed ingredients, because that will only make all the nutrition and benefit lost. And, the other important thing is, do not add another ingredient, like chocolate chip, biscuit, sugar and such, just to make the taste more delicious. What you want to get from detox smoothie here are detoxification benefits. Therefore, you need to stay as natural as you can.

Plus, the detox smoothie also is good for the watering process that can also help you to lose more weight. Now, you are ready to be healthier, sexier and free from all kinds of digest problem. And, if you can keep it with the healthier lifestyle, you will get a better life, inside and outside. Enjoy!