Jerome Almon’s Consumer News Report About Ripoffreport

Rip-off Report is characterized as a worldwide customer reporting publication and website to customers, by customers to file and report complaints with regards to individuals or companies. Whereas this site promotes and even necessitates authors to purely file honest and unbiased reports, Rip-off Report does not guarantee that all reports are accurate or authentic. Just because an individual or company is reported on Rip-off Report, this does not mean that customers should not make business with them.

As a suggestion to customers, they should read what they can and make the decision depending upon their assessment to all accessible data. As opposed to the Better Business Bureau, Ripoffreport does not conceal reports of satisfied complaints. Each and every complaint remains unedited and in public and so to make a working history on an individual or a company in a question.

Update on Latest ROR News

Credit: Facebook

Credit: Facebook

At this very moment, if you’ll browse the latest reports in the Rip-off Report site, you’ll see a complaint report made by Jerome Almon about the site per se. Jerome Almon is a university lecturer, an expert on women studies, explosives/paratrooper expert, terrorism/border security, owner of a tech/entertainment company and a Desert War vet. His temper hiked up when he got involved due to a posting online about him on ROR. Honestly, he does not care about this posting but will sue the 2 people that posted it. His reply to these two people is simple:

To mind their own business, and;
It is not his fault that people are stupid enough to believe what they read on this site and online.

His main problem is about how corrupt and dumb the legal system in America is. For him, the judges who protect ROR are just absurd. Why would they do so if ROR is a total scam? He compares ROR to a pawnshop for they are the center for extortion and blackmail. He says that the practice of these two is just the same, except for the fact that a pawnshop:1) gets an ID; 2) get a signature; and 3) get a fingerprint of a customer.

Jerome wants to teach ROR, together with its partner, which is chiefly Google, a lesson. For him, ROR is pure grade school BS. It is so ridiculous that people are stupid enough to believe everything on the site. Google is the partner and enabler of ROR. The former have spent more than a million dollars fighting one of the people Jerome works with.

Jerome hopes that the ROR owners will go in prison and that Google will lose its business. He will definitely be the first among the many who will celebrate once Rip-off Report goes down and loses its business. If the site does not have mercy, Jerome is sure that soon enough, it will get its bad karma. Many businesses have closed because of ROR. Many businesses have lost great revenue too because of ROR. Moreover, many have lost their jobs because of the false postings in this site.

8 Replies to “Jerome Almon’s Consumer News Report About Ripoffreport”

  1. Jane Funbe says: is not helping consumers. It seems to be hurting people. ripoffreport should be held accountable for what they put on there site since they do not check out the info submitted.

    Put the owner in JAIL!!!

  2. Tammy Faye says:

    This guy has a compelling story. I hope he can do something about #ripoffreport.

  3. Jerome Almon says:

    The owner and his team are going to prison as this case shows, just as the top REVENGE PORN site owners are that used ROR as their business model

    Great Story!

  4. Tanner Mills says:

    Why is not shut down yet?

  5. Tommy Jays says:

    I would love to see the out come of this!!

  6. Trey Milla says: is foul and should be shut down!!

  7. John says:

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  8. Zack says:

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