Which Sport Is The Best To Burn Calories?


It is great for your health to exercise, whatever sport you choose. Swimming? Boxing? Running? Cycling? Squash? If you are hesitating between these sports, have a look below to better understand the ones that burn the most calories.

Keep in mind that the best sports to choose are the ones that you will enjoy the most so you come back to it on a regular basis!


Greg L Photos /flickr

Greg L Photos /flickr

How great is swimming when, once in the water, you get this instant light feeling and you are able to move much easier than anywhere else…?!

Although you do not feel the weight of your body anymore in the water, the efforts you make when exercising in the pool are very good for your body. Indeed, the water plays a resistance role that allows you to work out your muscles without damaging your joints! This is ideal for seniors, overweight people or people getting into the sport after a break.

In one hour of swimming, you can burn 700 calories.


U. S. Army Boxing/flickr

U. S. Army Boxing/flickr

Boxing is more and more popular in the fitness lessons. Indeed, it is an amazing workout for the arms and a lot of fun. It also develops reflexes and focus.

In one hour of boxing, you can burn 800 calories.


The National Guard/flickr

The National Guard/flickr

This is the most accessible sport ever as you will only need a pair of shoes to go for a run. When practiced on a regular basis, running is great to work out your entire body. However running can be damaging for the joints so it will not be the best option for everyone.

In one hour of running, you can burn 850 calories.


Tejvan Photos/flickr

Tejvan Photos/flickr

Outdoor or indoor, cycling is a very good workout for your legs and your abs. It also improves the cardio and the endurance, without damaging the joints.

In one hour of cycling, you can burn 800 calories.


Sander van der Wel/flickr

Sander van der Wel/flickr

Squash is very good for suppleness and reflexes. It is a good workout for both the upper and lower body.

In one hour of squash, you can burn 800 calories.


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