Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Asks for Financial Help from the Public


Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio recently talked in front of the public to ask for a financial assistance with regard to his increasing legal fees. While his legal fees are now going up and up and the trial has become more personal, he decided to face the public and asked people to support him financially and he also wishes that there will be another judge to be appointed for the legal system.

Gage Skidmore/flickr

Gage Skidmore/flickr

He wrote a letter, telling his supporters that he is not financially capable as of now, that he does not have the cash that he will use to pay the attorneys who are handling his case as of now. He does not have enough cash to support the monetary needs of his case. He also added that he feels that the immigrant rights groups are targeting him by filing a case against him. Their purpose for that is to put an end to what they call “racist policies” that target Latinos.

In the email that he wrote last Thursday, he said that he has to personally the attorneys so they will represent him in such cases. He also said that he does not have anything to shoulder all the expenses associated with these cases, losing his power to defend himself.
Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio made a plea whilst he is awaiting a choice by the District Judge of the US, G. Murray Snow if he really broke and violated the law as he failed to carry out the 2011 court order that aims to abstain from bias against the minorities

Last Friday, the Arizona Sheriff requested the District Judge to take him off the case and he came up with a reason for that. He said that the judge is individually involved in the lawsuit for the reason that the former attorney of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio authorized a confidential investigation against the wife of Snow.



He also said that there is no any reasonable person who has the knowledge about the facts can refuse that the District Judge is currently investigating and presiding on the issues in which his loved one is involved. It is what Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio said in his filing. These two people actually met one-day last month of April and the Sheriff had hit a rarely conciliatory tone along with the District Judge. It happened when the 83 years old sheriff responded his first 2 questions in his actions after he was obliged to discontinue racial profiling through his department.

Snow ruled in the year 2013 that the office of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio had methodically racially profiled the Latinos in the regular traffic & immigration patrols of it. Arpaio wants to apologize to the District Judge and it was his statement last month. Legally, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio faces the greatest challenge in his life against another national judge in the name of David Campbell, who ordered an urgent stop to the enforcement of the identity theft laws in the state which penalize those immigrants within the nation that are illegally seeking for a job opportunity.

Snow and Arpaio will meet once again in June and it is expected to be significantly affected by his filing.

4 Replies to “Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Asks for Financial Help from the Public”

  1. Timmy Jakes says:

    This is silly. Joe should have lawyers from the county or state taking care of his defense.

  2. Bark Cone says:

    Time to go, Sheriff Joe!!!

  3. Tammy Faye says:

    Why would a sheriff need money for a lawyer? The public should not be giving him money to pay his lawyers.

  4. Trey Milla says:

    Joe has some nerve asking people for money!

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