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Which Sport Is The Best To Burn Calories?

It is great for your health to exercise, whatever sport you choose. Swimming? Boxing? Running? Cycling? Squash? If you are hesitating between these sports, have a look below to better understand the ones that burn the most calories. Keep in mind that the best sports to choose are the ones […]

Easy Pro Blow-Dry at Home

Wash your hair with a shampoo suitable for your particular hair type, then condition. For a salon-style deep conditioning treatment, after applying conditioner wrap your head in cling film then heat with your hair dryer on the lowest setting for about five minutes. The application of heat helps the hair […]

Fatloss 101

Today’s article is going to cover fat loss 101, or fat loss basics. There is an overabundance of information on fat loss – some good, with a lot of bad. I will show you the basic steps, to help you achieve weight loss in a more optimal manner. First, healthy, […]

Is a $285K Settlement Enough?

ARE THE SOUTH CAROLINA STATE TROOPERS OUT OF CONTROL? (Story from Oct. 7, 2014) Is a $285K Settlement Enough After Being Shot for No Reason? While this might not seem enough for some, South Carolina’s state Insurance Reserve Fund is paying Levar Jones $285,000 as a settlement for being shot […]

Obama Budget Sees Rising Student Loan Defaults

State by State Data Sheet The president’s fiscal year 2016 budget out this week is projecting fantastic economic growth over the next decade, but one piece of the puzzle refuses to fit — student loan defaults. The Department of Education‘s budget documents project that 25.3 percent of undergraduate Stafford loans […]

The Importance Of Communication In Our Daily Lives

Verbal communication is the main type of communication that everyone can identify with. The two different ways that we use verbal communication are through the words we speak or the words that we write. The words that you choose will send a message and have a significant impact on any […]