Highlights of Zermatt

The village of Zermatt in Switzerland is a car-free zone, so most visitors arrive by mountain train. But Zermatt keeps its best-known sight a secret until the last moment as the famous Matterhorn is only revealed at the final turn in the track when the train arrives in town. Getting … Continue reading

Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China looks like the tree orchid it is chosen as the emblem since the handover. This tree comes from an endemic species found near the sea. As the orchid tree is unique but needs others for his offspring, Hong Kong is independent and at the same time needs China to … Continue reading

Vegas- City of Dreams

Las Vegas or simply the city of Vegas is well known for its majestic spark and charm. Vegas is like a magnet once people go there, they don’t feel like coming. When it comes to visit USA, I don’t think anyone can forget to explore the city of Vegas. People visit Vegas to enjoy, to have fun, … Continue reading