Is a $285K Settlement Enough?

ARE THE SOUTH CAROLINA STATE TROOPERS OUT OF CONTROL? (Story from Oct. 7, 2014) Is a $285K Settlement Enough After Being Shot for No Reason? While this might not seem enough for some, South Carolina’s state Insurance Reserve Fund is paying Levar Jones $285,000 as a settlement for being shot […]

Obama Budget Sees Rising Student Loan Defaults

State by State Data Sheet The president’s fiscal year 2016 budget out this week is projecting fantastic economic growth over the next decade, but one piece of the puzzle refuses to fit — student loan defaults. The Department of Education‘s budget documents project that 25.3 percent of undergraduate Stafford loans […]

The Importance Of Communication In Our Daily Lives

Verbal communication is the main type of communication that everyone can identify with. The two different ways that we use verbal communication are through the words we speak or the words that we write. The words that you choose will send a message and have a significant impact on any […]

Are All Traffic Stops Bad?

In the streets of Lowell, MI motorists are being pulled over for what they believe to be committing a traffic violation, until the police reveal an unsuspected surprise. Rob Bliss an internet producer and town local, teamed up with UP TV to create an uplifting video showing the Lowell police […]

Top Six Mends Soldiers Need Now

Need more affordable hosting? Great plans ON OFFER! Free domains & more included. Many people suggested Command Sgt. Maj. Daniel Dailey to put some important points in his priority list. The top six SMA suggestions are described below. Changing the Army’s tattoo regulation is among the top suggestions in Dailey’s […]


Nationwide Flowers – Satisfaction Guaranteed Many of us remember the days when there was great customer service. When the customer were number one and companies respected their customers. Where did that all go? Now a days customers are far from number one. It is hard to get your money back […]