Report- Increased Supply of IPad

The high manufacturing rate of new iPad tablet models has grabbed everyone’s attention. The suppliers have already started manufacturing the models. This iPads has screen measuring 9.7 inches. The device with this feature is expected at the end of this quarter or at the start of the next one. The […]

Starbucks Says No To Engagement Rings

The eccentric rules are not unheard of especially when it comes to the dress code at different organizations. This time eyes are being raised and fingers being pointed at our own Starbucks. Starbucks, loved for its latte, has recently been under the blaze for quite an unusual reason. Well it […]

Vegas- City of Dreams

Las Vegas or simply the city of Vegas is well known for its majestic spark and charm. Vegas is like a magnet once people go there, they don’t feel like coming. When it comes to visit USA, I don’t think anyone can forget to explore the city of Vegas. People […]

The Ancient Relics of Bodmin Moor

When visiting the South West of England, and venturing into the seemingly forgotten region of Cornwall, you may feel as though you have taken a small step back in time. The roads are the width of a car winding between towering hedges, the houses seem to be made of granite […]